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Name: Bakita Awut Akot
Age*: 15
Grade Level: Bakhita is in class P5.
Favorite Subject: She really enjoys learning about science.
Favorite Activity: Bakhita likes to play football (soccer) with her friends.
Family: Bakhita is a part of the MWP orphanage called "New Life Ministry" near Darfur in South Sudan. "My Name is Bakhita Awut Akot. I am studying in class five at New Life Ministry School. I have fifteen years old born in Khartoum and came back to South Sudan in 2007 with the family of eight members, father, mother, four girls and two boys. Am the first born and I came to New Life Ministry accompanied by my father. I am very happy for being at NLM."
Ambitions: She dreams of helping her community by becoming a Doctor.
Testimony: "I am thankful to God for giving me this school and this new life!"

* Due to the war and displacement, most people in Sudan do not know their age, so they make a "best guess" to what they think it might be.

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