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Name: Achol Thou Lual
Age*: 11
Grade Level: 1A
Favorite Subject:
Favorite Activity: Playing with my friends
Family: She is a part of the MWP orphanage called "New Life Ministry" near Darfur in South Sudan.
Ambitions: When I am older I want to become a teacher.... or a singer.
Testimony: I am Achol Thou Lual. I live at New Life Ministry orphanage in Nyamlel, South Sudan with my best friend Abuk. I love to draw flowers and play with my friends. We play a lot of running games and sing gospel songs. One thing I am good at and like so much is singing. I thank God for my life. May God bless you so much.

* Due to the war and displacement, most people in Sudan do not know their age, so they make a "best guess" to what they think it might be.

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